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Annual household canvass

The Electoral Registration Officer of every local authority in the UK is required by law to send a household enquiry form (HEF) to all properties in their area to maintain a complete and accurate register of electors.  These forms are sent on an annual basis.

Household Enquiry Forms will be sent to all households from the end of July and throughout August.  Initial forms are being sent on a staggered basis over several weeks.  It is a legal requirement to respond to this form.

The form will tell you who is registered to vote at your property and asks for you to tell us if there are any changes. This information is used to update the electoral register. Anyone who is added to the form will be sent an Invitation to Register form which asks for the extra information needed before they can be added to the electoral register.

If you do not respond to this form a reminder will be sent.  From the beginning of September onwards canvassers will be sent to visit households where a form has not been returned.

Responding to the Household Enquiry Form

It is quick and easy to respond to the form through the automated telephone system or online at

  • enter part 1 and part 2 of the security code printed on your form
  • you can make changes to your information or can confirm no changes are needed

You can also call 0800 197 9871 at anytime

  • enter part 1 and part 2 of the security code printed on your form
  • you can only confirm no changes are needed

If you have responded using one of the methods above you don’t need to do anything else and you don’t need to return the form.

By completing the Household Enquiry Form you are not registering to vote.

Publication of the updated register

An updated register of electors will be published on 1 December each year.

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