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Information for voters with disabilities

Sign it Hear CIC have produced an explanatory video on how to vote

Sign it Hear CIC have also produced an explanatory video on how to register to vote

Voting in local and general elections should be accessible to voters with disabilities, whether you choose to vote at a polling station or by post.  You can find out about the voting process and your local polling station by contacting Electoral Services on 01454 863030.  Electoral Services can also provide information about your polling station, including details about:

  • physical access – disabled parking spaces and entrance ramps
  • low-level polling booths

If you need help on polling day, you can apply to the presiding officer asking them to mark your ballot paper for you. Alternatively, they will allow you to vote with a companion’s help.

Tactile voting devices for blind or visually impaired people

All polling stations must provide a tactile voting device and at least one large print display version of the ballot paper. This makes it easier to vote without another person’s help if you’re blind or visually impaired. You can also ask polling station staff to read the list of candidates and their details to you.

Ways to vote

If you find it difficult to get to your polling station, you can vote in a different way.

Postal voting and voting by proxy

You can choose to vote by post or by proxy. You can get an application form by contacting Electoral Services or downloading it from this website.

Voting by post

Ballot paper(s) will be sent to you approximately 10 days before the date of an election. Mark the ballot paper(s), complete the statement and return them before 10.00pm on the day of the election.

Voting by proxy

You must nominate another person to go to your polling station on election day and vote on your behalf. The person you choose must agree to do this and they must not have agreed to act as a proxy for more than two people unless they are related to them. A poll card will be sent to your proxy telling them which polling station to go to.

Voting information in alternative formats

The following easy read guides contain simple language and visual illustrations.

If you need any help, please contact Electoral Services on 01454 863030.

Information in British Sign Language

For other information we offer in British Sign Language please visit our British Sign Language page.

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