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Voting in elections - make sure you are registered to vote

Anyone that wants to vote in elections must be registered.

It is particularly important that anyone who has moved address recently checks whether they are registered.

Registering is now easier than ever with the online system of registration.

Register to vote

If you’re not currently registered, you can go online to apply to register at

Register to vote

Please note you will need your National Insurance number, date of birth and full address details to hand in order to register.

If you are unable to register online please contact the Electoral Services team so that we can send you a form, or provide further help.

If it is not possible to provide your National Insurance number or date of birth, please contact us for further advice.

In the event of an election being called, if your registration was made in time, then you will be able to vote.

Checking registration

You can call 01454 863030 or email to check whether you are on the register.

Alternatively you may inspect a printed version of the register at:

  • the Kingswood, Patchway and Yate One Stop Shops


Opting out

If you want to opt out of the Open Register just call 01454 863030, or email, or write to us at Electoral Services, South Gloucestershire Council, PO Box 1953 Badminton Road, Yate, Bristol, BS37 0DB and we will be pleased to help you.

How you can vote

Are there any voting restrictions?

Yes. Some people on the register may not be able to vote in certain types of election. For example, members of the House of Lords and European Union citizens can only vote in local government and European parliamentary elections (not British parliamentary elections).

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