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Online payments will be unavailable on Sunday 11 December from 6am to 10am. This is due to essential maintenance.


The council and its partners recognise the need to help citizens communicate their needs and concerns about issues in the local area.

Petitions have a long tradition, and can be useful in indicating levels of support for various issues. We will encourage their use in appropriate circumstances and will offer advice to interested persons as to how best to make use of this scheme in order to achieve their aims.

Online e-petitions

We provide an e-petitions facility which allows you to have your petition live on the internet, rather than just on paper. This way, your e-petition and supporting information can be made available to a potentially much wider audience, giving you the opportunity to gather more names to support the e-petition.

The e-petition may gather names and addresses in both forms – you can have a paper version and an online version, although repeat names should be removed by the Principal Petitioner.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the area may sign an e-petition.


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