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Interactive area data profile

These profiles combine data, graphics and maps to give an interactive statistical overview of neighbourhoods in South Gloucestershire.

The profiles can be used for a wide range of purposes, including for example providing evidence to support funding bids.

Data in these profiles are available at a range of different geographical resolutions (depending on the dataset). Data for comparison areas are also provided where possible.

There is a summary guide on how to use the profiles or you can contact us for further information.

It is important to note that ‘wards’ information in these profiles relates to wards pre May 2019.

2011 Census profiles for ‘new’ wards (Post 2 May 2019) are available here.
Interactive profiles including data for ‘new’ wards (Post 2 May 2019) will be made available in due course.

2011 Census (summary statistics)

These profiles enable you to view a wide range of data related to; population, identity and ethnicity, health & care, employment & economic activity, and housing & accommodation.

All data in these profiles is available for:

  • Wards
  • Parishes
  • Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs)
  • Census Output Areas (COAs)
A view of an Instant Atlas page

View 2011 Census (summary statistics)

2016 Annual Report of the Director of Public Health – Health Atlas

This resource provides a range of public health statistics mapped at electoral ward level in South Gloucestershire, including key health outcome indicators, social health determinants, and environmental exposures.  The Health Atlas was developed to supplement the 2016 Annual Report of the Director of Public Health, which focussed on identifying and prioritising health inequalities in our area:

Data in these profiles is available for:

  • Wards

Health atlas thumbnailView health atlas 

Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) Profiles

These profiles enable you to see how the JSA rate (and Count) varies across South Gloucestershire. Data is updated on a monthly basis enabling change over time to be seen.

Data in these profiles is available for:

  • Wards

Please note that the claimant count is not the official unemployment rate, but it provides the most detailed and regularly updated source of unemployment data at local level.

Map showing Job Seekers Allowance profiles

View JSA profiles


Please note that these use HTML5 so require a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or IE9+)


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