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The Hive – Home of the Community Spaces Network

The Community Spaces Network has been created with the aim to help and support volunteers in our community groups who care for and look after our local community spaces in South Gloucestershire.

It provides an online platform of help, support and networking opportunities for community groups in the area. The public open spaces that are currently managed by our community groups include play areas, pocket parks, formal parks, nature reserves and woodlands.

We will be supporting the Community Spaces Network by arranging free training courses, including first aid, risk assessment, safe use of hand tools and operating brushcutters. Members will also be invited to attend special networking visits, hosted by community groups who manage their sites. This will provide exclusive opportunities for groups to network and discover common issues and share ideas on how to solve them. The Community Spaces Network will also provide a fantastic opportunity for groups to highlight their success stories and achievements on their sites.

To help support and guide volunteers in managing their groups and community spaces we have produced a volunteer support pack. The pack includes a series of information sheets covering the basics of how to set up a group, advice on fundraising and developing skills and knowledge in your groups. The pack sets out to answer the most common questions asked by friends groups.

In time a calendar holding information on future training courses and events will be accessible to registered users, along with a forum where members can put forth questions and ask other volunteers for advice. Additional folders holding useful information on a wide range of topics will also be available. For example identifying invasive weeds and how to report them, generic risk assessments, guidance for volunteers working on public highways.

Training opportunities

A series of training courses have been arranged for 2017/18. Information on these courses will be emailed directly to groups belonging to the Community Spaces Network. For further information please use the contact details on this page.


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