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Community cohesion

South Gloucestershire is a good place to live and is generally a safe place to be.  There are established neighbourhoods such as Kingswood, Filton and Patchway, alongside new communities and developments such as Charlton Hayes, Lyde Green and the Filton airfield development.  We are experiencing a growth in the number of people from different backgrounds and faiths who call the area their home.

Our communities are generally well connected, with strong relationships between voluntary and community groups, statutory services and the council.  We do however acknowledge the challenges faced if people aren’t able to get along, this can lead to tension and intolerance emerging, ultimately leading to fragmented neighbourhoods, hate crime and increases in anti-social behaviour.

It is important to live in a cohesive community where

  • there is a common vision and sense of belonging
  • the diversity of people’s different backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and positively valued

In South Gloucestershire, a variety of organisations from faith communities, community and voluntary groups are working to help people get on well together by aiming to:

  • reduce inequalities, discrimination and levels of deprivation
  • increase community engagement, sense of belonging and pride
  • increase and promote interaction between people
  • increase safety and respect for individuals and communities

How we achieve community cohesion in South Gloucestershire is from a variety of ways.  For example by

  • bringing together and supporting community groups who support young people and/or work with those moving into the area and helping them settle.
  • researching need and developing policy to ensure the resources of the council and its partners help to build community cohesion through community projects and programmes
  • supporting new community groups in communities who face particular cohesion challenges, and developing opportunities for groups to work together

South Gloucestershire Council believes that by working together, residents will create cohesive communities that are resilient in the face of challenges and will continue to build strong connections and relationships within and between these communities. Additionally we believe in creating opportunities for people from different cultures, age groups and experience to get together over the issues that matter to them.


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