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Monitoring equalities – information and reports

We are committed to ensuring that we operate fairly and equitably in all aspects of service delivery and employment. In order to put this commitment into practice, it is essential that we understand our customers and employees and their needs so that we can respond appropriately and effectively. Understanding the needs of all groups is a big step towards ensuring that our service delivery and employment practices are appropriate and effective in meeting the needs of all.

Across the council, teams monitor their performance in respect of equalities. This information, along with an analysis and further actions which will be taken as a result of the analysis is placed within annual equalities reports. Please see the links alongside to view these reports.

Collecting and monitoring customer and employee data enables us to:

  • find out which customer groups are using our services and how satisfied they are with them – this will enable us to identify and make changes which enhance our services where necessary;
  • ensure that our services can be easily accessed by all customer groups;
  • target our services to customer groups;
  • determine whether we are offering equality of opportunity, access and treatment to all groups in the provision of services and employment;
  • find out if our equalities policies are effective and highlight areas where our policies need to be changed in order to offer greater equality of opportunity, access and treatment;
  • use real data and evidence to make changes rather than risk relying on assumptions;
  • improve our reputation as a fair provider of goods or services and employment opportunities;
  • evidence that we know who our users, non users and employees are and that we have found out what their needs are.

The approaches we take to the collection of personal information in relation to equalities are detailed within our Customer Insight document.

We consider our equalities monitoring work an essential part of ensuring that we offer inclusive services for all residents. It allows us to identify specific adjustments and ways of offering services which meet the needs of every South Gloucestershire resident.

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