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Domestic abuse and housing

If you feel that you are experiencing domestic abuse, further information on how to access advice and support is available from our website.

If you think that you are in danger, seek help and don’t be afraid to call the Police. Ring 999 in an emergency.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, leaving your home means that you may have to move away from your family and support, employment, doctors and schools and so on.  Many people don’t want to do this and there are things that can be put in place to keep you safe in your home so you don’t have to leave. We will talk about these with you.

We will always respect your wishes and if you need to move to feel safe, we will discuss your options. These are explained in our Housing Options Wizard.

If you need to leave in an emergency, Next Link provide safe house accommodation in South Gloucestershire and they can be contacted via:

Next Link Freephone number: 0800 4700 280

Email –

Website –


For 24 hour support, try:

Freephone: 0808 2000 247 – 24 hour helpline run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge.

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