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Property for sale or rent

 Property for sale

  • None

Land to be sold by auction

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Managed by Community Services.


The council retained a small number of garages when its housing stock was transferred to Merlin Housing Society. These are managed by Bromford/Merlin who can be contacted for both the council’s and Bromford/Merlin’s garages that are available to rent. Please contact Bromford/Merlin Housing Society on 0300 123 2222.

Grass keeps

Offers are invited for the under-mentioned grazing/mowing tenancy which will be for a two year less one day period.  The tenancy will commence from 8 May 2020 and rent will be payable one year in advance.  The successful applicant will be required to sign a tenancy agreement which will be subject to terms and conditions for which there will be a fee of £75.

The site would benefit from clearance of patches of brambles plus the perimeter fencing will require some repairs to make it stock proof.  In addition to this there is a number of items of rubbish left by the previous occupier that will require removing.  Priority will given to offers made for the Grass Keep that seek to address these issues.  The Council accepts that any bids received account for the current state of the land.

The Council does not bind itself to accept the highest or any offer. The Parcel is as follows:

Location Area (approximate) Water available Usage
Rangeworthy, Off Berrows Mead 2.28 acres No Equine only

See the sample tenancy agreement and plan.

Contact for further details and to submit your bid for the yearly rent by 5.00pm on Monday 20 April 2020.


Bromford/Merlin Housing Society own and manage approximately 50 shops throughout the South Gloucestershire area. Please contact Bromford/Merlin Housing Society on 0300 123 2222 for further information.

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