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Driver licence information for new taxi driver applicants

To become a licensed taxi driver you must have held a European Union (EU) full driving licence for at least 12 months.

We also require all applicants with an EC/EEA driving licence to have a GB counterpart document. This can be obtained from the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on submission of form D9 available from the DVLA website. To obtain a GB counterpart, you must be resident in the UK.

EU Driving Licenses

If your driving licence is issued by an EU country, it is recognised throughout the EU. In most circumstances you will not have to exchange your licence.

If you have an EU driving licence that was issued in exchange for a non‑EU licence, and you wish to move to another EU country with your converted licence, your new licence may not be recognised there. This is determined by each EU country.


Angeles is a Chilean who moved to Spain a few years ago. As Spain recognises Chilean driving licenses, Angeles was able to exchange her licence for a Spanish one after meeting a few administrative formalities.

With this new licence, Angeles can drive around the EU. However, if she ever moves from Spain to another EU country, she will have to check that the authorities there recognise her Spanish licence.

If the new country recognises the original Chilean licence automatically, she will be able to continue driving with her converted Spanish licence. If not, she may have to have her Chilean licence formally recognised or exchanged in the new country.

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