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How to become a dual hackney carriage (taxi) and/or private hire driver

A dual hackney carriage (taxi) and private hire driver’s licence authorises a person to:

  • drive a licensed hackney carriage (taxi)
  • work from all hackney carriage ranks in the South Gloucestershire district
  • be hailed on the street in the South Gloucestershire district
  • drive a licensed private hire vehicle under a licensed private hire operator, all private hire work must be pre-booked

If you intend to undertake private hire work only, you can just apply for a private hire driver’s licence.

All licences:

  • must have been issued by South Gloucestershire Council
  • are valid for 3 years

To become a licensed dual hackney carriage or private hire driver you will need to complete all of the following stages.

1. Driving assessment

You must book and pass a driving assessment with one of the council approved driver assessor providers. These are Diamond Advanced Motorists, Green Penny, Blue Lamp Trust, Drive53.  You will need to confirm with your chosen assessor what you need to take with you for your assessment.

2. Dual knowledge or private hire basic skills test

All new dual or private hire driver applicants are required to sit and pass either a dual knowledge or basic skills test respectively.

3. Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) safeguarding awareness training

On passing your knowledge or basic skills test, you will be invited to attend a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) safeguarding awareness training session and complete a Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) mandate. This is mandatory training for all drivers wishing to be licensed in South Gloucestershire.

Only drivers who have passed the knowledge or basic skills test (or existing licensed drivers) are eligible for CSE safeguarding awareness training.

You must bring your driving licence photo-card and the original copy of your dual knowledge or basic skills test pass confirmation.  If you arrive at a CSE safeguarding awareness session without proof of passing a dual knowledge or basic skills test, you may be turned away. Existing licence holders will need to bring along their current drivers’ badge.

4. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced disclosure check

You will receive an e-mail from Integra, advising you how to complete an online application, attend an appointment and pay for a DBS enhanced disclosure check. The ID checking appointment will take place at Broad Lane, Yate

Once you receive your DBS certificate, you MUST sign up for the update service. This has to be done within 28 days of the issue date on the certificate or you will need to complete a further enhanced disclosure check and pay the full fee again.  There is an opportunity to sign up to the update service prior to receiving your certificate, but only once you have received your tracking number.

5. DVLA group 2 medical

You will receive medical forms at the CSE safeguarding awareness training session. You need to book an appointment with a medical practice that provides group 2 medical assessments.

The D4 form must be completed and a General Medical Practitioner (GP) must complete and sign the South Gloucestershire Council declaration form – Note that South Gloucestershire Licensing Service does not accept medical certificates issued by Doctors on Wheels as per guidance from DVLA.

6. Application form and pack

You will also receive an application form at the CSE safeguarding awareness training session. Make sure you read all sections before completing the application in full.

You need to take the following documents when you attend the appointment. It is important that you take originals and not copies of your disclosure and certificates.

  • fully completed application form
  • evidence of your knowledge test pass or private hire basic skills pass as appropriate
  • original of your DBS disclosure
  • proof that you have signed up to the DBS update service
  • original of your practical driving assessment certificate
  • original of your CSE safeguarding certificate
  • original of your medical certificate (group 2) dated within 4 months of your licence appointment
  • your passport or birth certificate
  • your valid driving licence (further information on driving licenses)
  • proof of your address dated within the last 3 months (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, benefit statement, credit card statement). Mobile telephone bills cannot be accepted as proof of address
  • proof of your National Insurance number
  • proof of your right to work in the UK (please ask at time of booking if you are unsure what evidence you need to provide)
  • a passport size photo of yourself
  • the appropriate application fee (paid by debit/credit card or cheque, unfortunately we cannot accept cash or American Express)

7. Your licensing office appointment

Once you have completed all of the above steps and have the necessary supporting information, send an e-mail to stating your full name, address and telephone number. We will contact you to arrange an appointment for you to submit your complete application. The application fee must be paid on submission.

We will verify your application and supporting documents. It is your responsibility to ensure you have met all of the conditions set out above.  If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the conditions, you should discuss this with us prior to booking an appointment by emailing

8. Convictions

You must declare any convictions during the application process. A licensing officer will assess whether a licence can be issued or if it needs to be referred to the Licensing Sub-Committee for a decision.

If an application is referred to committee, all documents will need to be verified prior to councillors making a decision. You will need to wait for Licensing Sub-Committee approval before returning to collect your licence and badge. If your licence application is refused, you will receive a refund of the licence fee.


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