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Sex establishments

If you intend to run a sex establishment (either a sex shop or sex cinema) you will need a licence.

How to apply

Before a licence is issued, people in the area must be given the opportunity to comment or object to the application. An advertisement must be placed in the local press and a notice displayed outside the premises for 21 days. A notice of intention can be downloaded. A sex establishment licence may not be granted “to a person, other than a body corporate, who is not resident in an EEA state or who was not so resident throughout the period of six months immediately preceding the date when the application was made”.

We will then consider your application, taking into account:

  • the suitability of the applicant
  • whether you are applying for the benefit of another. This might include somebody applying on someone else’s behalf in the belief that they would be more likely to gain a license
  • the location and situation of the premises in relation to other premises in the area
  • the number of sex establishments in that particular area

A license will be issued subject to conditions. Conditions can include restrictions on opening hours.

Licenses are issued for a maximum period of twelve months and must then be renewed.

For fees, please visit our Fees and Price List page.

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