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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Investigation of work injuries

Employers must notify certain injuries that occur at work.

When we receive notification of an injury, an assessment of its seriousness will be made and an investigation may take place into how it happened. This will depend on:

  • the severity of the injury
  • the likelihood of the accident recurring
  • the extent of possible breaches of legislation
  • the type of accident
  • the past record of the business

How we investigate

We will speak to managers, supervisors, employees, health and safety representatives and any people who can provide information about what happened. We may also look at the working conditions such as:

  • how health and safety information is communicated to employees
  • correct use and storage of chemicals
  • safety of equipment and machinery
  • general cleanliness
  • adequacy of first aid provisions
  • We will also¬†examine documents and records such as;
  • the health and safety policy statement (if applicable)
  • risk assessments (if applicable)
  • plant maintenance and inspection records
  • training records
  • accident records

At the end of the visit we will advise on what further action, if any, is going to be taken and provide this in writing. Each action will be given a time limit. We will then revisit the premises to check the action has been carried out.

What to do about unsafe conditions at work

If you are concerned about health and safety at work, you should first discuss it with a supervisor or line manager. In larger organisations, there should be a health and safety or union representative you can talk to.

If this does not resolve the issue, you can contact us. Wherever possible we will keep your details confidential, but will need your name and phone number before we can investigate. This is so we can get back to you if we need more information or to give you feedback.

If your contact is followed up, we will normally visit your workplace to investigate. If we agree that what you have told us is justified, we will take appropriate enforcement action.

We aim to start an investigation within three working days of your contact date. We will aim to keep you informed of the progress of any action taken.

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