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Event safety

When large groups of people gather for events, it can become dangerous. Whilst large sports grounds are covered by comprehensive safety legislation, many public events are not covered by specific safety controls.​

You must make sure that you comply with the various legal requirements relating to events attended by the public.

The South Gloucestershire Safety Advisory Group (SAG)* wants to help event organisers to independently organise safe and successful events. See more about the SAG in the Terms of Reference. This document contains contacts for all SAG members.

We have also produced an Event Safety Guide to help when you are organising an event. The guide covers community events, marches, sporting events and bonfire and firework displays.

Refer to the event notification form which we ask you to complete and email to Saving you time and duplicated effort, your form will be circulated amongst SAG members including the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, as well as Highways England and South Gloucestershire Council’s Licensing, Health and Safety and Emergency Planning teams. The Form serves as useful prior warning of events but we would also wish to receive your Event Management Plan.

SAG members will review all documents and then you may be invited to attend a SAG meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet all members at one time and discuss any concerns of yours or SAG members. This one-stop shop approach should, in most cases, avoid the need for you to have multiple separate meetings.

*South Gloucestershire Safety Advisory Group members include:

South Gloucestershire Council licensing, Environmental Health and Emergency Planning teams, Avon and Somerset Police, South West Ambulance Service, Avon Fire and Rescue and Highways England.

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