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Business rates frequently requested information

Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000 we are asked for information in respect of businesses within the area. We have therefore published the data that we hold and are able to publish under the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998.

Published data includes:

  • property reference
  • account name
  • property address
  • current rateable value
  • liability start date
  • current valuation description
  • relief awarded and start date of this
  • net liability
  • UPRN

We have removed accounts relating to individuals as this information is exempt under section 40 of the FOIA 2000.

Correspondence addresses and telephone numbers are also not provided as these are available from Companies House and the telephone directory.

Accounts in credit

We are unable to publish a list of credits that are held on accounts or ‘write-ons’ to those accounts. For National Non Domestic Rates (NNDR) or council tax accounts where a business is the liable party, this information is withheld from the internet under s31 of the FOI Act; disclosure would be likely to prejudice the prevention of crime. If you would like us to consider such a request, please see the data protection and freedom of information pages for how to contact us. We will then conduct a public interest test in order to determine if the information can be released.

For accounts held in the name of individuals, this information is withheld under s40 of the FOI Act; personal data.

Other unpublished NNDR Business Rates information may be made available on request. For further information please see data protection and freedom of information.



                                     Month                                        CSV
As of 13 January Download
As of 10 October Download
As of 28 June Download


                                     Month                                        CSV
As of 30 April Download
As of 29 November Download



                                       Month                      CSV
As of 8 April Download
As of 20 June Download
As of 16 August Download
As of 10 October Download
As of 19 March Download



         Month           CSV
As of 11 April Download
As of 10 May Download
As of 12 June Download
As of 8 July Download
As of 19 August Download
As of 4 October Download
As of 8 November Download
As of 4 December Download
As of 2 March Download


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