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Licensing of dangerous wild animals

Dangerous wild animals include venomous snakes, certain spiders and ostriches. If you keep a dangerous wild animal you must hold a licence to do so. If you fail to have a licence, the animal can be removed from your premises.

Licences are not needed for animals kept in zoos, circuses, pet shops and places registered under the Cruelty to Animals Act of 1876 for the purpose of performing.

How to apply

Applications must be made by the person who keeps the animal. To apply, complete and return an application form. The form should be returned with the correct fee.

Registration process

Before we issue a licence a veterinary surgeon will want to visit the premises and assess the animal. You will be charged for this visit. If the report from the veterinary surgeon is satisfactory, we will issue a licence. The licence may be subject to conditions. These conditions may relate for example to the suitability of the premises, or to restrictions on the species and numbers of animals you can have.

Licences must be renewed each year.


If you do not keep to the conditions of your licence we can remove the animal from your premises.

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