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Farming - animal feedstuffs

If you mix certain feedstuffs on your own farm or you use contractors to mix feedstuffs on your farm you need to register your premises.

This includes:

  • feedstuffs containing prescription-only medicine
  • feedstuffs containing growth promoters, coccidiostats and other substances usually known as PML medicines or Zootechnical products
  • feeding stuffs which contain pre-mixtures, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carotenoids, micro-organisms and certain anti-oxidants or have these as additives. This may include feed mixtures for dairy cattle in a mixer wagon such as a Keenan Wagon.

If you make feed containing prescription-only or PML medicines you need to register with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. You can contact it at:

Animal Medicines Division
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
1 Lambeth High Street

You will be charged for registering with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
For all other feed you need to register with us. You do not have to re-register each year.

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