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Farming - animal by-products

Animal by-products are animals and parts of animals that have died or have been slaughtered.

Fallen farm animals (including stillborn animals) must be incinerated, rendered or disposed of at a technical plant. Burial or burning of carcasses is not allowed.

Arrangements must be made for carcases to be collected and transported in covered leak-proof containers or vehicles. These containers must be cleansed, washed and disinfected after every use and must be labelled ‘Not for animal consumption’.

A record must be sent with the animal. This should include:

  • the date the animal was moved
  • description of the animal
  • the quantity
  • place of origin of the animal
  • name and address of the carrier
  • Name and address of the receiver and approval number (if applicable)

Cattle keepers must report the death of a cow aged over 24 months to animal handling facilities on freephone 0800 525890. This must be done within 24 hours of the death. The carcass will be then removed from the premises and taken for sampling.

More details are available on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) website.

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