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What if I am a student

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Gives information to students on whether they may be able to claim Housing Benefit.

What is a student?

A student is defined as “any person who is undertaking a course of study at an educational establishment”. This includes:

  • study at any level (from school onwards) and either full or part-time
  • students with or without loans or grants
  • both state funded and private establishments
  • both term-times and vacations

When a course of study starts a student is treated as such until they finish the course, abandon it or are dismissed from it.   Therefore, someone is still classed as a student during the Christmas and Easter holidays and any summer holidays within the course, even if they take up full-time work.

Can I claim housing benefit?

Most full time students are not allowed to claim housing benefit. The exceptions to this include:

  • students with a partner
  • part time students
  • students whose grant includes an amount for deafness
  • students who get Incapacity Benefit
  • students who get a Disability premium
  • students who are responsible for a child (including foster children)
  • students over pension age
  • some students under 21 who are not in higher education
  • students who are authorised absent from their course because they are ill or are caring for someone

If you are a student and are not sure if you can claim please contact us.​

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