Housing Related Support - Application For Floating Support
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If you have any communication problems or need help completing this form you may ask a friend or family member to help you. Staff at our One Stop Shops may also help you.

This form is for you if:
(A) You are a person who needs Support to continue to live independently in your own home or need to develop the skills to do so. And/or
(B) You need Support to overcome any issues that may lead to homelessness.
Floating Support is short term and is free, when support is no longer needed it is ‘floated off’ and used for someone else.

Do you feel you need Support with any of the following?
* Prevention from losing your home? For example being evicted for not paying rent or mortgage
* Resettlement. To move from one tenancy to another or from a hostel to permanent accommodation.
* Sustainment. To continue to live independently in your own home

If you feel you may be eligible for support please complete this form in full.

Data Protection
Any personal information that you supply is confidential and will be held by South Gloucestershire Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
Do you give your consent for the information you provide to be shared with other professionals, to enable us to direct your application to the most appropriate Service Provider?
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