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How good is your riding?

The best modification you can make to your bike is to improve the skills of its rider. Even the best can benefit from advanced sessions which will help keep skills sharp and technique up to date.

We provide motorcycle assessment days, now free of charge, for motorcyclists who ride large motorcycles. The day consists of a theory discussion followed by a ride-out assessment with instructors who are retired police Class 1 advanced motorcyclists or Class 1 advanced instructors. We also provide assessment days for commuter riders.

These courses can be provided for companies, groups or clubs or for individuals. For the latter, specific days are arranged from time to time and a waiting list is maintained.


“Thanks for organising a good, informative and fun day….I enjoyed it and learnt a few things that will hopefully make me that bit safer. I will certainly recommend the day to my motorcycling friends and colleagues.” Mr K V

“A line to thank you all for Sunday’s Motorcycling Training Day and for giving up the time. I got a lot out of it and realised how much I don’t know so I am seriously looking into further training with a view to take an Advanced Motorcycle Test.” Mr L S

“It was a valuable and worthwhile opportunity for me to understand and improve my riding skills. It has given me a few areas to work on anyway!” Mr S F

“Thank you very much for the motorcycle training day that you organised for the weekend of 17/18 June. I had a great time and so did my colleagues from RR… that i have spoken to. The two instructors, Dave and Geoff, gave it just the right blend of serious and fun to get the message over without making it heavy going.” Mr B B

” Just like to say thank you for a superb day on Saturday, from my point of view I gained so much from the day and feel much more confident and in control of the bike.” Mr N B

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