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How to apply for or renew a Diamond Travelcard

You can apply for a new travelcard by downloading the application form or you can obtain an application form from any of our libraries, one-stop shops and all council offices. You can also download guidance notes for the Diamond Travelcard.

Returning your completed application form

Please post the completed form and relevant documents to:

South Gloucestershire Council
Chief Executive & Corporate Resources Department
Concessionary travel
PO Box 1953

BS37 0DB

Renewal of your concessionary Diamond Travelcard

If you qualified for your concessionary Diamond Travelcard under the age or sight impairment categories or because you are deaf and you are still resident in South Gloucestershire, your concessionary Diamond Travelcard will be renewed automatically.

If you qualified under one of the other categories, you will be required to reapply for your concessionary Diamond Travelcard and to provide supporting evidence.

Please submit your application approximately 8 weeks prior to your current card expiring.

Please note that it can take up to 5 weeks for your application to be assessed and, where you are eligible, for your concessionary Diamond Travelcard to be issued.

If you have moved to the area and do not have a South Gloucestershire concessionary Diamond Travelcard, you will need to apply as a new applicant and provide supporting evidence.

If your appearance has substantially changed since your last photograph was supplied for your Travelcard, you may wish to get your photograph updated as the bus company may refuse to accept your concessionary Travelcard.

The concessionary travel team will always aim to issue a South Gloucestershire Council approved concessionary Diamond Travelcard prior to the expiry of your existing card. Please note that if an application is not complete or the relevant supporting evidence is not submitted, this will cause a delay in assessment.

Changes of address or personal details

It is important to contact us without delay if you have moved or are moving address, or your personal details have otherwise changed.

If the Travel Card holder passes away, then the executor or administrator of the estate should notify us and return the Travel Card to South Gloucestershire Council

Please either email, telephone 01454 868004 or visit our One Stop Shops. Please see the back of the application form for your nearest One Stop Shop.

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