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Cribbs Patchway metrobus extension

Gipsy Patch Lane travel survey. We are currently considering options to manage traffic during the main Cribbs Patchway metrobus extension construction work on Gipsy Patch Lane which is due to start later this year.  We have published an online travel survey to better understand travel patterns on Gipsy Patch Lane. Please complete the survey if you travel along this road regularly. It should take about five minutes to complete and your input will help us to minimise disruption during the roadworks. Complete the survey at The survey is open until Wednesday 20 March 2019

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Three metrobus routes are in operation in the West of England area providing faster, more frequent and more reliable services with direct routes to key destinations.

South Gloucestershire Council is developing the Cribbs Patchway metrobus extension.  It is called an ‘extension’ because it will extend part of the existing metrobus network that is already operating.

The Cribbs Patchway metrobus extension will help reduce an expected increase in traffic levels as a result of new houses and businesses built in the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood on the former Filton Airfield. The scheme will further improve the public transport network by providing an alternative, fast and direct bus route between Parkway Station and The Mall.

By offering faster, reliable bus travel on modern, environmentally-friendly vehicles with USB sockets and free Wi-Fi, we aim to increase the number of people travelling on public transport and reduce the amount of traffic on the local road network.

The route

Metrobuses will travel in both directions along the route from Bristol Parkway Station via Hatchet Road, Gipsy Patch Lane, through the Horizon 38 site, across the A38, through the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood site, San Andreas roundabout on Hayes Way, Highwood Road to The Mall bus station.

What is going to be built?

Much of the metrobus extension will be on existing routes which do not require any work. New sections are being built by the developers of Horizon 38 and the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood and other elements are being delivered by South Gloucestershire Council and Network Rail.

Planning permission was granted for work to the San Andreas roundabout, the Gipsy Patch Lane highway and railway bridge, and Hatchet Road bus stops in July 2018.  The planning application documentation is available to view on our planning application webpages.

The following reference numbers can be used to search for the documentation:

  • San Andreas roundabout: PT18/0992/R3F
  • Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge: PT18/0986/F
  • Gipsy Patch Lane highways works and Hatchet Road bus stops: PT18/0987/R3F

The main designs that show what will be built are available to view in the downloads box on the right of this page, together with other information about the work that formed part of the planning applications.


Construction is due to start during 2019 on:

Gipsy Patch Lane

Working with Network Rail, the work on Gipsy Patch Lane includes replacing the railway bridge with a wider bridge to enable lanes for general traffic, shared use paths and bus lanes in both directions. The scheme will also include footway widening and new bus lanes along other sections of Gipsy Patch Lane.  This will result in significant benefits for all highway users, whether you travel by bus, car, cycle or on foot

Early preparatory work is starting on Gipsy Patch Lane from Monday 25 February 2019 to divert underground utilities and undertake surveys in preparation for the main construction work. This preliminary work will be carried out by BT. It is not expected to cause any disruption to the supply of BT services or to road users, however, some foot/cycle paths may be affected. If any other utility or survey work is required during this period which does require traffic management, we will let you know in advance.

The next phase of BT’s preparatory work will require a closure of Gipsy Patch Lane at the railway bridge for approximately four weeks during June. The road will be closed to all highway users, including pedestrians and cyclists, from Monday 3 June. Access to properties and side roads along Gipsy Patch Lane will be maintained and no disruption to the supply of utilities is expected. Dates of the full closure will be clearly signposted to give adequate notice. A signed diversion route will be in place during this time.

The main construction work is programmed to start later in 2019, to be completed and metrobuses operating on the route in 2022. The construction work will include both full and partial closures to Gipsy Patch Lane, including an approximate eight-month closure of Gipsy Patch Lane from early 2020 to enable the replacement of the railway bridge.

We understand that this work will have a major impact on traffic in the nearby and wider area.  We apologise in advance for this inconvenience and would like to assure everyone that we are doing everything we can to minimise disruption to residents, businesses and road users.

San Andreas roundabout (Hayes Way)

Preliminary work is due to begin in late 2019. The early stages of work will not require extensive traffic management.  Further details will be published when they are confirmed.

Outline programme


  • Spring 2014 site surveys and preliminary design work
  • Autumn/Winter 2015 Public consultation
  • Winter/Spring 2016 Consultation analysis
  • Summer 2016 to Summer 2017 Detailed design
  • February 2018 Planning applications submitted
  • July 2018 – Planning applications approved

To be completed:

  • February 2019 – Utility works on Gipsy Patch Lane
  • June 2019 – Four week closure of Gipsy Patch Lane for utility diversions
  • Summer 2019 – Construction starts
  • 2020- Gipsy Patch Lane Bridge construction
  • 2022 – Construction complete and metrobus services operating on the route

More information

This webpage will be kept up to date with the latest information during construction.

If you have any questions or if you would like further information please email

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