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What we are doing and when

Please note the public footpath underneath the viaduct will be closed from Thursday 24 August on both sides of the river bank for a minimum of three weeks. This is to allow us to safely construct major scaffolding which we need in order to carry out repairs under the bridge. The footpath is part of the Frome Valley Walkway and we apologise for the disruption this closure will cause. However, for health and safety reasons we cannot maintain public access under the viaduct while the scaffolding is being erected. We will publish a reopening date on this page

We are carrying out major maintenance work to the southern Bromley Heath Viaduct on the A4174 ring road, between the Bromley Heath roundabout and the Hambrook traffic lights.

A map showing the location of Bromley Heath viaduct

The southern viaduct was constructed in February 1966 as a single carriageway road over the River Frome and in 1988 was changed to a dual carriageway. Today, the viaduct carries approximately 55,000 vehicles and 500 cyclists a day.

Essential Maintenance

The viaduct requires essential maintenance work including:

  • pier strengthening
  • bearing replacement
  • drainage improvements
  • water proofing
  • parapet and safety fence replacement
  • concrete repairs
  • abnormal load carrying capacity improvements

If we do not strengthen the bridge, it will have to be closed to all traffic.

Watch our short video that explains the work required on the Bromley Heath Viaduct.

Work programme

The project is divided up into six phases:

Phase 1
Temporary scaffold below the viaduct

Phase 2
East and west abutment bearing replacement

Phase 3
Pier strengthening with concrete hinges

Phase 4
Removal of the existing south cantilever followed by cantilever construction

Phase 5
Demolition to the existing north cantilever followed by cantilever construction

Phase 6
Waterproofing, resurfacing, draining and expansion joints

We have already undertaken some preparatory work. This includes assessing wildlife habitats and clearing vegetation as well as the construction of the site compound and a Bailey bridge for access underneath the viaduct.

Start date

Work for the Bromley Heath Viaduct was confirmed by councillors to begin in July 2017 for a maximum duration of 52 weeks, this has now been be reduced to 33 weeks after funding from the Local Enterprise Partnership Economic Development Fund (EDF) was agreed by the West of England Joint Committee.

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