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Applying for a blue badge

Following a public consultation on Blue Badge eligibility issues, the Government will be introducing some changes to the current Blue Badge scheme. These changes will include some new eligibility conditions. Secondary legislation will be introduced to bring these changes into effect as soon as possible.
Although not yet confirmed, it is understood the changes will come into effect from January 2019. Section 20 (Next steps) of the consultation documentation summaries the new eligibility conditions.
We are unable to apply these new eligibility conditions to any current applications, but this page will be updated as soon as more information is known about the changes and when they will come into effect.

The blue badge scheme is for people with severe mobility problems. It allows blue badge holders to park close to where they need to go.

If you wish to apply for or renew a blue badge you can apply online or complete a paper application form. You can pick one up from one of our one-stop shops in Kingswood, Patchway, or Yate or by emailing us at

Renewals for Customers aged 75 or over

Paper Renewal Application – If you are over 75 and renewing a South Gloucestershire Council Blue Badge, please continue to complete ‘Section 1’ Information about the applicant on the application form in full, then go directly to ‘Section 6’ Authorisation Third Party.  You will need to complete this section if you would like us to be able to discuss your renewal application with a third party.  Please ensure you complete and sign the Declaration in Section 7.

Online Renewal Application – You will need to complete the full application for a new or renewal Blue Badge.

Please Note that it can take up to 5 weeks for your application to be assessed and issued to you.

Blue badge application forms can be submitted via the one stop shops.

Blue badges are issued up to a maximum of 3 years.



The scheme is designed in the form of a personal passport-type document and has space for a photograph of the holder to be displayed. Your application must be accompanied by a reasonably recent photograph taken from self-service booths or any suitable photographs cut down to a passport photo size.

Badge holder’s responsibility

Blue badge holders have a duty under Regulation 9 (of The Disabled Persons (badges for Motor Vehicles)(England) Regulations 2000)) to return the badge to South Gloucestershire Council if;

  • the badge expires
  • the badge holder is no longer eligible or at any time their mobility improves
  • you have a replacement badge and later find the original (please return the original badge)
  • the badge is so damaged/faded that the details on it are illegible
  • the badge is no longer required by the badge holder

Supporting evidence

Copies of supporting evidence should be supplied where requested with all applications.

Additional relevant information may also be required if you do not qualify under section 2 of the application form. In these cases copies of any existing/relevant documents from medical specialists that confirm mobility issues should also be enclosed to support your application.

Please also note that if the badge holder passes away then the executor or administrator of the estate should return the badge to South Gloucestershire Council.

The blue badge remains the property of the issuing local authority, which has the powers to withdraw the badge in some circumstances.

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