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​Planning applications received and decided by the council and appeals received and decided by the Planning Inspectorate.
Our online planning information service provides details of current and historic planning applications. ​

Information about commons and village greens

A guide to the community infrastructure levy.

How we regulate land use and new building

Details of funding programmes to accelerate and unlock housing sites.
Planning policies are used to help assess planning applications, guide future development and co-ordinate private investment.

Planning policies for the area

Large projects such as power stations, pylon lines, railways, large wind farms, reservoirs, harbours, airports and sewerage treatment works

Changes to the planning system that give people new rights to shape the future of their local areas
Information about Oldbury nuclear power station
​There are several types of planning appeals. All appeals are dealt with by the Planning inspectorate.

Advice and guidance on making or reviewing a planning application

Our major planning policies

We are committed to the promotion of high quality design. ​