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Hire of public open space

If you would like to use a park or public open space for an event or any other organised activity, you will need to apply for permission to do so.

The event organiser is also legally responsible for checking with our licensing team to see if you require a temporary events notice or any other licences. Further information can be found on our Licensing web page: Licensing Act 2003 | South Gloucestershire Council.

How to apply for permission to hire a public open space

Before you complete your event hire form, you must ensure you have read the Hire of Public Open Space Regulations carefully and ensure you understand and comply with the regulations.

Additionally, consider the type of event or activity you are looking to hold and ensure you read the following conditions that are applicable for it:

Once you have read the necessary conditions, please complete the Event Hire Form. If you are hiring a public open space for a Park Run please complete the Park Run Hire Form. If you are hiring a public open space for personal training sessions please complete the Personal Training Hire Form.

We will also require a copy of your risk assessment(s). If you do not have one, you can use this Event Risk Assessment Template.

For larger events we will require a site location plan showing an accurate representation of where you intend to place equipment/staging/stalls and more.

Please return the event hire form, a copy of your risk assessment(s) and site location plan (if required) to

Please ensure that you include all of the essential information required in the application form in order for us to process your application as quickly as possible.

For smaller events, we require a minimum of ten working days to process your application. For larger events we will require up to six weeks to process your application. Late applications are accepted and processed at the technical support officer’s discretion.

We will not begin to process your application until we have received all of the relevant information.

Fees and charges

Please see our hire charges. Our charges for personal training and tennis can be found on our sports pitches page.

Your event may be subject to a concessionary fee, for more information please enquire on the below email address.

Please note that the council always reserves the right to charge for reinstatement of the land should the event result in additional costs to the council.

For advice or any other queries please contact or call us on 01454 865850.

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