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Open Access and how to join

From 2 October many of our libraries will be open longer thanks to new Open Access technology. This will enable registered users to access the library outside of staffed hours. This service is already available at Bradley Stoke Library.

You can enhance your existing Active Leisure and Library membership for free. This will enable you to make the most of the resources at times that are more convenient to you.

When the library is available during Open Access times you will be able to:

  • scan your Active Leisure and Library card and use your PIN to enter the library
  • connect to our free wifi
  • use a computer
  • print and photocopy items
  • access online e-resources
  • issue, return, renew items and pay charges using the self-service kiosks
  • collect reserved books and items
  • use the library to meet others, read and study
  • read books and newspapers

Please note, there are no toilet facilities during Open Access hours (apart from Bradley Stoke and Patchway, where toilet facilities are in the communal building).

*Photocopying not available in all Open Access libraries

Please register for your free induction through Eventbrite – ideally booking your induction at the library you plan to use so you can familiarise yourself with the location of the Open Access equipment, layout, use of equipment and fire escapes. Terms and conditions apply.

On completion of induction your membership will be updated to enable use of Open Access.

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