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Job Coach support

A Job Coach will give you flexible support for people facing barriers to employment. They help people obtain sustainable work in the open labour market, where they are paid the going rate for the job.

Job Coach Providers have been identified to help you find a job and they will also offer you ongoing support if you need it while you are in work.

Some of the ways in which they will be able to help you are:

  • to help you find a job
  • support you when you start a new job
  • help you with induction or training
  • help you to learn new tasks by breaking down in to easily learnt steps
  • helping your colleagues understand your support needs
  • helping you adapt to changes at work – even if you have been there a while

The job opportunities will be real jobs, where you are hired and paid by an employer. As an employee, you will be paid the same rate for the job as everyone else and you will have the same workplace terms and conditions, job security and opportunities for training and career advancement.

They will help you to decide what you want to do and find out what skills you have and what work you want to do . They will help you find the right job for your skills. If you choose to use one of the providers you will have to pay for the help they give you. The council may add an extra amount to your direct payment to pay for the support we think you need. All the providers on the list have passed quality control measures set by the council.

You may be eligible for a direct payment which is money the council gives you to buy support or services that we have assessed you or your child as needing.

Find out more about direct payments here.

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