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Learning Difficulties Development Fund (LDDF)

Apply for funding from 15 March 2018 to Monday 16 April at 5pm

Every year, South Gloucestershire Learning Difficulties Partnership Board invites projects and groups annually to apply for funding to take forward projects and initiatives to improve the lives of people with Learning Difficulties in South Gloucestershire and promote programmes that help them lead more independent and fulfilling lives. This is known as LDDF1.

This year, there is an additional fund (LDDF2) to support the review of the Learning Difficulties Partnership Board, that aims to enable the Board to have an even greater impact on improving the lives of people with learning difficulties across South Gloucestershire and our neighbouring areas.

Please go to the South West portal for an application form and ‘how to apply’ document for more information (go to the Expression of interest window to login and register your interest).

Are you part of a group or organisation that could support people with learning difficulties to lead more independent and fulfilling lives? If so please apply.

South Gloucestershire Council remains committed to supporting people with learning difficulties and at the same time helping to create a thriving voluntary and community sector.

Just over £100,000 was spent on projects to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties in South Gloucestershire during 2017/18. The money was spent on a variety of projects from improving employment prospects (volunteering experience and coaching) to teaching essential skills (cooking and gardening), and having fun and reducing social isolation (music and cycling):


Community Express

Carriages is a meeting place for people with learning difficulties to get together and take part in art, crafts and music sessions.

People with learning difficulties can enjoy the Music train and listen to music at the same time.

Warmley Wheelers gives people with learning the opportunity to access the Bath to Bristol cycle path and use bikes that are made for everyone.

For more information visit:


LD awareness – Primary Schools Learning Difficulty Awareness

This project works with Year 6 primary school children. It tells them about learning difficulties.

For more information visit



The KIDS project supports 12 young people (aged 13-25 years) to enjoy different things that they would like to do like gym sessions. People with learning difficulties will have a support worker to help them to build their confidence and self-esteem to do the things that they enjoy.

For more information visit:


Supported Employment Partnership

The Supported Employment Partnership works to support people with learning difficulties to find a job. They make sure there is good quality job coaching available to people with learning disabilities in South Gloucestershire.

They will do four things.

  • Provide a job coach where it is needed
  • Train people on how to get a job.
  • Make sure people can find information about this on the website.

You can find the website at:



Healthwatch and The Hive look at places that look after people with learning difficulties like hospitals. The will see if the places are right for people with learning difficulties. They will write a report on this.

This will go on the Well Aware website.


Ready Steady Garden

With Ready Steady Garden people with learning difficulties can learn to do gardening and become a volunteer.

They will::

  • Train 14 people with learning difficulties in South Gloucestershire in:
  • Teach gardening skills
  • Teach how to be healthy and safe when gardening
  • Work with each other in a team
  • be a volunteer


Kitchen Challenge

The Kitchen Challenge project is for people with learning difficulties to learn about how to cook and how to be healthy. They will also learn to cook in a home kitchen and a restaurant or café kitchen.

People will also learn how to stay healthy and safe when cooking. People will work in groups and share the food they have cooked with each other.

At the end of the project people with learning difficulties will run their own restaurant service to specially invited guests (including local employers), where they will plan their own 3 course menu, prepare, cook and serve all the food themselves. People feel really good at this special meal.


Community and Provider Connecting

The Community Connector makes sure that people with learning difficulties know about all the activities and clubs they can go to.

It will help people to:

  • Find out what social and leisure activities are available in communities and to promote them
  • Support people to socialise together
  • Share transport such as taxis to leisure activities
  • Share support so that people can have more fun
  • Bring people together


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