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Garden waste green bin

Between 1-21 February 2016, garden waste subscription renewals will be suspended. If your subscription expires during this time and you wish your garden waste to be collected, email your name, address and contact details to If your subscription expires after 21 February 2016 you will be able to use the online form which will be available from Monday 22 February.

Renewing your subscription

Renewals are currently suspended. Please see the note at the top of this page.

You can take out an annual subscription to have your garden waste collected in a green bin. This will be collected every two weeks.

The cost for an annual subscription is £36 per year. Here are the terms and conditions of the service.

Apply for a subscription

Applications are currently suspended. Please see the note at the top of this page.

Other ways to subscribe

  • renew or apply by calling 01454 868000
  • renew or apply in person at one of our One Stop Shops
  • apply using direct debit

Please note if you sign up for a direct debit you do not need to take any other action to ensure the service continues every year and we will let you know if there are any changes. Please print and return a completed direct debit form to the address provided.

If you wish to change an existing direct debit for your garden waste subscription, please call 01454 868000 or visit our One Stop Shops.

You cannot claim a concession if paying by direct debit as a concession needs to be claimed annually.

Cash payments for the annual garden waste collection service will not be accepted.


If you receive Income Support, Pension Credit, or Income Related Job Seekers Allowance you are entitled to a 50% reduction in the annual charge. In exceptional circumstances further support will also be available. We will require proof of support.

How the service works

  • the subscription covers the collection of one green bin of up to 240 litres every two weeks
  • what you can put in your green bin
  • if you already have a green bin supplied by us, then you can use this for the service, but it will not be collected unless you subscribe to the service.
  • once you have subscribed please put your house number or name, on the front of the bin or under the lid, so the collection crew know they are picking up the right bin. They do have a list in their vehicle of who has subscribed but adding the house name or number helps
  • please note: once you have subscribed to the garden waste service it may take up to five working days to register your details with our collection crews.
  • you can share your subscription with a neighbour, or form a group in a flat, but one person will have to be registered and responsible for the payment and it will be collected from their address
  • if you have subscribed and your bin is not collected let us know
  • if you need your bin to be collected from your door, you can request an assisted collection. If you already have this service then it will continue when you subscribe

Renewing or cancelling

  • when you subscribe you will be given the option to set up an annual direct debit
  • if you do not set up a direct debit please make a note of the date of the end of your subscription if you think you might like to renew
  • we cannot offer refunds, however if you move within South Gloucestershire we can transfer the service to your new address (this online service is currently suspended)
  • following the death of a relative we will refund the remaining duration of the subscription