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Waste and recycling collections from houses

In South Gloucestershire we provide a weekly collection for recycling and a fortnightly collection for non-recyclable household waste.

Each household has one black bin for non-recyclable household waste and separate containers for recyclable items.

Recycling containers

We provide the following containers to sort your recycling. However, you can order extra containers free of charge if you need them.

  • 2x green boxes (or 1x green box, 1x white bag and 1x green bag)
  • 1x kerbside food recycling bin
  • 1x food recycling kitchen caddy

To make sure we can collect your recycling every week you should:

  • separate different items in the recycling containers provided to us easily sort them into the right part of our vehicles
  • empty and rinse recyclable food and drink packaging
  • flattened cut cardboard into pieces no larger than the green box
  • squash plastic bottles and metal cans to save space
  • do not put broken glass in your containers
  • line the food bin with a plastic bag, compostable bag or newspaper

What can I recycle from home?

Yes please

No thank you

Which container?

Plastics, cans, aerosols, foil (mixed together)

Keep them separate from other items by putting them in one end of the green box


Plastic bottles, tubs and trays

Metal food and drink cans, biscuit tins, empty aerosols, aluminium foil


Black plastic, plastic bags, pet food pouches, crisp packets etc.

Scrap metal i.e. pots or pans

Packaging containing food or liquid

Green box or white bag

Empty and rinse any food or drink packaging


Cardboard and cartons

Keep them separate from other items by putting them in one end of the green box



Cardboard boxes and packaging

Cartons (Tetra Paks)

Greetings cards (without glitter or plastic)


Take away pizza boxes

Packaging containing food or liquid

Polystyrene or plastic packing material

Card with glitter or plastic attached

Green box or green bag

Cut large cardboard into pieces no larger than the green box


Food waste


Cooked and uncooked food waste, leftovers, peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggs shells, pet food etc. Liquids, packaged food

Food waste bin

Line your food bin or kitchen caddy with an ordinary plastic bag, newspaper or compostable bag

Glass bottles and jars

Keep them separate from other items by putting them in one end of the green box

Any coloured or clear glass bottles and jars

Broken glass

Window or oven proof glass

Drinking glasses

Glass containing food of liquid

Green box



Keep them separate from other items by putting them in one end of the green box

Newspapers, magazines, leaflets

Envelopes with plastic windows removed

Wrapping paper without glitter or plastic

Paper with plastic wrapping

Paper with glitter or plastic attached


Kitchen towel

Green box



Clothes and paired shoes, towels, sheets blankets

Duvets, pillows, cushions, toys, soft furnishings

Items in black plastic bags

Green box

Put these in a loosely tied plastic bag.

Put shoes in pairs


Household batteries Car or vehicle batteries

Green box

Put batteries in a small plastic bag

Small electrical items


Small electricals up to the size of the green box

Items larger than the green box

Televisions, mini fridges

Green box

Put these next to your recycling containers if they don’t fit inside the green box.

Non-recyclable waste

Most household waste can be recycled from home every week. One black bin is provided to each household for non recyclable household waste.

Your black bin is for non recyclable household waste only including:

  • black plastic
  • crisp, sweet packets
  • cellophane, film and plastic bags
  • nappies
  • pet waste e.g. cat litter, dog/bird faeces
  • pet food pouches
  • polystyrene and foam packaging
  • take away cardboard containers e.g. take away pizza boxes
Black bin for non recyclable waste only

Do not use your black bin for recyclable items, furniture, rubble, DIY waste, hardcore or soil.

All of your black bin waste must be inside the bin and the lid must be closed. We cannot collect extra waste left next to your black bin unless it is in authorised nappy bags.

Managing black bin waste

We provide extra services for households that have:

If you would like advice on managing your household waste please call 01454 868000.

Garden waste

You can subscribe to have a green bin for garden waste collected every 2 weeks.

If you do not want to subscribe and would like a one-off collection of garden waste, use our garden waste sack collection.

You can use this collection for:

  • grass cuttings
  • leaves, weeds
  • hedge trimmings and plant prunings
  • twigs and small branches (no larger than the width of your wrist)
  • old or used compost
  • pet bedding – rabbit and rodent only
  • real Christmas trees under 6ft tall (decorations removed)

The bin lifts on our vehicles have a weight limit and we cannot empty your bin if it is too heavy. If this occurs, our crews will leave information on your bin to let you know.

Please do not use your green bin or garden waste sack for:

  • Japanese knotweed or garden waste with signs of ash dieback disease
  • large logs, tree stumps or treated wood from sheds, fences etc.
  • cardboard or paper – use your weekly recycling collection
  • food, fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea bags etc. – use your weekly food recycling collection
  • pet waste (other than rodent or rabbit bedding), including bird/poultry, dog or cat waste or cat litter – use your black bin
  • soil – you can take a limited amount to the Sort It recycling centres free of charge.
  • rubble or hardcore – you can take a limited amount to the Sort It recycling centres free of charge.
  • waste produced by a business or any commercial activity


What about items that can’t go in my bins or recycling containers?

Items that cannot be taken through the collection service such as furniture, DIY waste, mattresses, light bulbs/fluorescent tubes, large electrical appliances and extra bags of waste can be taken to the Sort It recycling centres. They may also be suitable for our bulky collection service.

Alternatively, contact organisations and charities that take items for reuse.

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