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Two green boxes and a food recycling bin

Make sure that similar items are grouped together in the same box.

Green box 1

Green box 1 - recycling

Use one of your boxes for the items below:

Glass bottles and jars
Glass bottles and jars
NO broken glass, drinking
glasses, window or oven proof
Remove plastic windows from
Put shredded paper in a plastic
Clothes, shoes
and textiles
Clothes, shoes, towels, sheets,
blankets, curtains in bags (not
black sacks or charity bags).
NO stuffed toys, duvets, pillows
or quilts.
Small electrical items
Small electrical items
NO larger than the green box.
These can be put out next to your
recycling containers.
Household batteries In a plastic bag.


Green box 2

Green box 2- recycling

Use your other green box for these items:

Food and drink cans,
foil, aerosols
Food and drink cans, foil and aerosols
Empty aerosols.
NO pet food pouches, crisp
packets or sweet wrappers.
Plastic bottles,
trays, tubs
Plastic bottles, trays and tubs
NO black plastic, flower pots,
toys, carrier bags, pet food
pouches, crisp packets, cling film,
polystyrene or foam.
cartons/Tetra Paks,
greetings cards
Cardboard, cartons/Tetra Paks and greetings cards
Cut down or flatten large
cardboard boxes or take them to
the Sort It recycling centre.
takeaway packaging.
glitter or polystyrene.

Important information about cardboard
You can put extra cardboard next to your box. It is important that you cut and flatten large boxes so they are no bigger than the green box.

Food recycling bin

Use a plastic carrier bag to line your food containers to help keep them clean.

You can use your food recycling bin for:

  • fruit and vegetables including peelings
  • meat and fish – raw and cooked
  • cooked bones
  • bakery and dairy produce including eggs
  • pasta and rice
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • food that has gone off or is past its best

Do not use these containers for:

  • packaged food – remove food from packaging first
  • liquids such as oil and milk
Food bin

Look at the black bin section for items that cannot be recycled

Check your collection day

I use a green box, white bag, green bag and food bin

I need to order new recycling containers

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