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We are making changes to the way we manage planning applications that will come into effect on Thursday 1 November, 2018. Most users will not notice any big changes, but we hope there will be noticeable improvements in the speediness and consistency of the decisions made which will improve the service we provide. Find out more…

Extra rubbish

Extra recycling

If you have extra recycling, put it in a sturdy box – no larger than the green box – or a bag and leave it next to the correct container. Please make sure that glass is inside your green box.

If you have extra garden waste, then you can use a garden waste sack. We cannot collect waste left next to the bin.

Extra non recyclable household waste

We cannot empty your black or green bins if the lids are not fully closed. Non recyclable waste left next to your bins will not be collected.

If you occasionally have waste that will not fit in your black bin, you can take it to one of the Sort It recycling centres. Make sure you sort your waste before you go. You may be asked to open bags of waste to make sure they only contain non recyclable items.

If you are struggling with your non recyclable household waste due to a large household or medical needs, you may be eligible for an extra black bin. We also provide a nappy bag collection service for disposable nappy waste.

If you have large household items to dispose of you can arrange a collection or take them to the Sort It recycling centres.

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