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  • Check what can be recycled from home.
  • Sort your recycling in your boxes to make it easy for the crews to separate them into the compartments on the vehicle
  • Mix plastics, cans, aerosols and foil together – they will be separated later
  • We can recycle wrapping paper and greetings cards without glitter or plastic embellishments. Put wrapping paper with the rest of your recyclable paper and greetings card with cardboard. Paper or card with glitter or plastic should go into your black bin.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes and cut large pieces of cardboard down so they are no larger than the green box
  • Remove all polystyrene and foam packaging and put it in the black bin or take it to the Sort It recycling centre if you have a large quantity
  • Put extra recycling out in plastic bags, just make sure glass bottles and jars are in a green box
  • Put your containers out by 7am on collection day and take them back onto your property at the end of the day
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