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Due to essential maintenance the following services will be unavailable on Saturday 20 April:

Improving air quality

Everyone can help to improve air quality. Relatively small changes in behaviour all add up.

Everyone can help to improve air quality. Relatively small changes in behaviour all add up. Most air pollution in South Gloucestershire is caused by road traffic. Just leaving the car at home for one short journey a week can help. Walking or cycling will improve your own fitness as well as help the environment. If possible, consider sharing lifts to work. Again, every little helps, so even if you can only car share on one day a week, it will contribute to better air quality and save you petrol money.

When driving, remember that the amount of pollution a vehicle produces depends on its age, engine size and type of fuel burned. How well the vehicle is driven and maintained will also affect the amount of pollution produced.

Businesses may already be using technical equipment to reduce emissions. They might also be asked to co-operate with efforts to reduce traffic on certain routes, implement green commuter plans or encourage staff to cycle or walk to work.

For the Kingswood and Staple Hill air quality management areas, we have produced an Action Plan which sets out local measures aimed at improving air quality in these areas. We will work jointly with all relevant partners and stakeholders to put the Action Plan into place.

Members of the public may be asked to give their views about our proposals to improve air quality.

Smoky vehicles

If you spot a commercial diesel vehicle (e.g. a bus or lorry) emitting a lot of dark smoke, you can ring the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency’s (VOSA) national smoky vehicle hotline on 0300 123 9000 or email  They will need the following information:

    • Vehicle Registration number
    • Type of vehicle
    • Date seen
    • Time seen
    • Location seen
    • The name of the vehicle operator

Further details can be found on the VOSA website.

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