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Policies, Sites and Places DPD

The Policies Sites and Places Plan (PSP plan), when adopted, will form part of the South Gloucestershire Development plan. The PSP plan contains detailed planning policies to manage new development, allocate and safeguard sites for various types of development and is to be read alongside the Core Strategy (adopted December 2013) and the Joint Waste Core Strategy (adopted 2011). It will replace the remaining ‘saved’ policies of the 2006 Local Plan and 2002 Minerals and Waste Local Plan upon its adoption.

Main Modifications consultation closed

Consultation on the schedule of Main Modifications closed on 24 July 2017. Details on this consultation can still be viewed at All responses received will be passed to the Inspector for her consideration in writing her final Report.


Following consultation on the Proposed Submission Policies, Sites and Places Plan June 2016 and consideration of representations, the Council submitted the Plan to the Secretary of State, for ‘Examination’ on 14 November 2016, in line with Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. Details regarding the submission can be viewed at

Details on the Examination can be found at:

Timetable for remaining stages

Examination period and receipt of final report See above
Adoption of the Plan To be advised

Previous stages

1. Early Engagement and consultation on the Draft Plan

Information in relation to early engagement on the PSP Plan

Information on the consultation on the Draft PSP Plan (Summer 2014)

2. Publication of Proposed Submission Plan March 2015 and representations March 2015 Proposed Submission Plan, now superseded.
3. Local Green Space Designations – Consultations and Responses Local Green Space Consultations and Responses
4. Regulation 18 consultation, to address issues raised to March 2015 Proposed Submission Plan November 2015 – January 2016 Consultations
5. Council sign off of Regulation 19 Proposed Submission Plan June 2016 (see report to Council and other Council papers)
6. Regulation 19 Consultation on Proposed Submission Plan

July – September 2016

The results of this consultation can be viewed on the PSP Plan Submission page (below)

7. Submission of the Plan to Secretary of State 14th November 2016

Consultation database

If you are not currently on our consultation database and would like to be kept informed, please email From time to time we may contact you to seek your views about other planning consultations and projects. Periodically, you may also be invited to give us your views about our service.

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