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South Gloucestershire local plan 2006

The South Gloucestershire local plan adopted in 2006 sets out the overall planning policies for the district up to 2011. It is being replaced by a set of documents which make up the new South Gloucestershire Local Plan as these documents are produced and adopted by the council.

The local plan was adopted on 6 January 2006.

Policies L6, L19, T10, T11, T13 and H8 expired on 6 January 2009.

On 11th December 2013 Policies D1, L3, L17, L18, EP1, EP5, EP7, GB1, T1, T2, T14, E2, E4, E5, H2, H6, H7, H12, H13, LC8, LC11, LC13 and S1 were superseded by the Core Strategy.

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