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Policies map

The South Gloucestershire Policies Map displays the policies of the adopted development plan. It is an interactive map and displays the policies of the:

View the interactive South Gloucestershire Policies Map (this will open in a new window)

Policies map FAQs

What is the policies map?

The policies map is part of the council’s statutory Local Plan guiding the future use and management of land in South Gloucestershire. It forms part of the council’s statutory development plan and is available in a range of formats including an online interactive platform. Paper copies are available at a fee, please contact the Strategic Planning Policy and Specialist Advice Team on 01454 863464 or email

What is the policies map based on?

The policies map is based on the Core Strategy policies adopted in December 2013; the “saved” policies of the South Gloucestershire Local Plan adopted in 2006; saved policies of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan adopted in May 2002 and the Joint Waste Core Strategy adopted in March 2011.

Can I see the policies map?

Yes. You can view the interactive map by clicking on this link: South Gloucestershire Policies Map. It will open in a separate window.

How do I use the location search function?

You can search using a range of address details by:

Area: For example – Yate

Street Name: For example – Badminton Road

Post Code: For example – BS37 5AF

A drop down menu will appear with address options, select the one which you are looking for and the map will zoom and centre on this location automatically.

Are any changes planned?

The emerging Policies, Sites and Places DPD will replace the saved policies of the 2006 South Gloucestershire Local Plan. More details about this can be viewed here: Policies Sites and Places DPD.

The four West of England (WoE) authorities, Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council are working together on a new Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). This will set out the approach that would guide future housing, transport and infrastructure development up to 2036. Once adopted, policies contained in the JSP for South Gloucestershire will also be updated to the interactive map. More details about the JSP can be viewed here: Joint Spatial Plan.

If you require assistance in accessing or using the interactive map, please contact the Strategic Planning Policy and Specialist Advice Team on 01454 863464 or email, who will be happy to assist you.

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