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Commenting on planning applications

Commenting online

You can view and comment on planning applications on-line. To make a comment on an application, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter an application number or address details to locate the application you are interested in. The details and documents associated with the application will be displayed
  2. Select the ‘Comment on the Planning Application’ link, which will provide you with a form to complete
  3. Complete the form, making sure that you include your name and address. This will enable us to notify you of the outcome in writing once a decision is reached

Benefits of submitting comments using the Planning Public Access facility

By submitting your comments using the online public access service you will be sent an instant email acknowledgement of your details having been received by us. Using the facility will also ensure that your personal data (email and contact details) will automatically be removed from the information that is published on the website.

Planning Public Access facility

We will send an instant email acknowledgement of your details when we have received a representation on a planning application. If you receive such an acknowledgement you should ensure that you were the originator of the communication; and if this is not the case please contact the local planning authority immediately so that we can investigate the authenticity of the communication received.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can access our facilities at any South Gloucestershire library or you may submit your comments in a letter to the council. Please see advice below on how you can avoid disclosure of personal details.

Please note: We do not accept third party comments sent via email to individual’s officers, members or generic email boxes as this does not form part of the formal response process. If you submit a comment in this way there is a risk that your response will missed.

If you do not have access to the internet

You can access our site at any South Gloucestershire library or if you prefer you can view a planning applications at one of our One Stop Shops, where a customer care officer will be happy to help. As the One Stop Shop receptions do not hold paper copies, application details will be viewed via our website. Alternatively, free internet is provided at all of our libraries.


Ideally comments should be made within 21 days of the date that the planning application was registered by the council. It is in your best interests to submit your views as soon as possible so they can be taken into consideration as part of the normal determination process. However comments can be made right up until the point that the decision is made by the council. Please contact the case officer handling the application for further advice when considering whether to submit comments later than the usual 21 day period. Under normal circumstances comments made in association with new planning applications will be available to view online within five working days of receipt of the comment. If you are aware of any comments made that should appear against a current application that are not displaying outside of this timescale, please contact the customer contact centre on the number on the right this page, or email details to us using the ‘Contact us’ form, also on the right of the page.

Following the determination or withdraw of a planning application, and in accordance with data protection legislation, all neighbour comments made in relation to the application will be removed from the public access system.

Useful information

If you are submitting personal (medical) or financial information in support of your comments, please indicate clearly at the top of each document whether you are prepared for this information to be made publicly available.

Offensive, racist and anonymous comments

Please note that offensive, racist, discriminatory and other statements that are not relevant will not be published. Offensive statements lower a person’s reputation personally or within their trade, profession or business. Racist statements are those that discriminate against individuals on racial grounds including their race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins. Gypsies and other minorities are racial groups. Statements that discriminate on grounds of religion, sexuality or disability will also not be published. Comments that include such statements will be rejected but can be resubmitted in a more acceptable form. Anonymous comments will not be published.

You should be aware that the law states that any comments made (together with personal details) about a planning application must be publicly available. This includes comments made via the website.

Some applications may be referred to the development control committee. You can attend and speak at committee for or against and application – advice on speaking at a committee is available in the document ‘Speaking at development control committee’

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