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Bromley Heath Viaduct – the A4174 Ring Road will be closed this weekend in both directions from the Wick Wick roundabout to the Hambrook traffic lights from 8pm on 27 April. It will be fully open from 6am on 30 April.

Online forms – due to essential maintenance a number of our online forms will be unavailable this weekend from 8am – 5pm on 28 April. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Buildings and work exempt from building control

Building regulations do not apply to the following types of building:

Small detached buildings

  • single storey buildings under 30m² floor area, containing no sleeping accommodation, constructed substantially of non-combustible material, or sited at least one metre from the boundary (e.g. detached garage)
  • nuclear shelters under 30m² floor area where the excavation for the shelter is at least the same distance from buildings as depth of the excavation plus one metre
  • any detached building with a floor area of less than 15m², with no sleeping accommodation

Extensions to domestic buildings

At ground level with a floor area of less than 30m² which is

  • conservatory or porch – specific criteria needed for exemption. You can check out the criteria on the planning portal
  • covered yard or covered way
  • car port open on at least two sides

Greenhouses and agricultural buildings

  • greenhouses are only exempt providing they are not used for retailing, packing or exhibiting
  • agricultural buildings and buildings for keeping animals are exempt if they are not used as a dwelling, are one and a half times their height in distance from any building with sleeping accommodation and have a fire exit not more than 30m from any point in a building.

If you are unsure if any building work you are planning is exempt from the building regulations please contact us for free advice

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