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My council tax account

Access to submit or amend an existing direct debit will not be available until 3 April. Please contact us on 01454 868003 if you would like to setup or amend an existing direct debit before this.

Anyone choosing to receive council tax bills by email should have received their annual bill on 8 March. There will not be a heading in the subject line, but there will be a message from the Council Tax team giving contact details in the event of any query, and the e-bill will be attached.

Click to view and manage your council tax account

Using your billing number and your online reference key (you will find this on your latest bill below the billing number) you can:

  • check the council tax band of any property within South Gloucestershire
  • view your council tax account which will show how much you have paid and how much you owe for any year
  • amend your current direct debit details or set up a direct debit to pay your council tax
  • request your council tax bills to be sent to you by email rather than through the post

If you would like an online key to view your council tax account, email: or telephone: 01454 868003

Please note that your online reference key will change whenever a council tax bill is issued for your account.

If you are requesting an application form for the Local Council Tax Reduction, email or telephone: 01454 868002.

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