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Viewpoint - citizen's panel

Have your say by joining our Viewpoint citizen’s panel

Our Viewpoint citizens’ panel is a large, demographically representative body of residents who are consulted with on a regular basis on various topics that will impact local communities.

Joining the Viewpoint panel provides you with a real opportunity to become involved in, and influence, the decisions the council and its partners make. Your views can help us to understand public preferences, identify local priorities and monitor our performance.

As a panel member you can share your views on different topics in up to six online or postal surveys a year.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • how safe you feel in your local community
  • community resilience – your views on your local community and opportunities
  • healthy lifestyles – your views on healthy eating, smoking and alcohol consumption
  • the council budget – how the council allocates its budgets

Every time you complete a survey you will be entered into a prize draw to thank you for your contribution.

How you can join the panel

To join the panel, you need to live in South Gloucestershire and be over 16 years of age. Councillors and employees of South Gloucestershire Council cannot join the panel.

To join the Viewpoint panel, please fill in our online membership form. If you have any questions please contact us on

We ensure that the panel represents the views of South Gloucestershire’s population by making sure that each demographic group (different age groups, ethnicities and genders) is fairly represented. If a certain demographic group is over-represented we have to right to decline membership applications.

What happens to your views?

The results of Viewpoint surveys are used to help identify community needs and shape local services. The full report is available from the ‘downloads’ section on this page. We will also send you a newsletter to let you know the key findings and how your views have been used.

All survey responses are confidential and no personal details are published or used to identify individuals.

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