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European Parliamentary Elections

The European Parliamentary Elections took place on Thursday 22 May 2014.

The number of votes recorded for South Gloucestershire Council are as follows:

​An Independence from Europe 1017​
​British National Party 645​
​Conservative Party 20043​
​English Democrats 914​
​Green Party ​5811
​Labour Party ​11827
​Liberal Democrats ​8162
​United Kingdom Independence Party 24847​

The number of rejected ballot papers was as follows:

(a) Want of official mark – 0

(b) Voting for more than one registered party or individual candidate – 42

(c) Writing or mark by which the voter can be identified – 7

(d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty – 96

Total – 145

The turnout for South Gloucestershire was 35.82%

For a map and list of MEPs across the South West visit

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