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List of live cabinets

Bold entries indicate those cabinets that have gone live as part of the Phase 2 Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) rollout.

Cabinet Location Status
Abson 1 Naishcombe Hill jnc Milford Avenue Live
Abson 2 Milford Avenue, Wick Live
Abson 3 Westerleigh Road Live
Abson 4 Hawkridge Drive Live
Abson 5 Pucklechurch Trading Estate Live
Abson 6 Abson Road Live
Abson 7 High Street, Wick Live
Abson 10 Abson Road Live
Abson 12 Near Ingleside House, Chesley Hill Live
Abson E3 Bury Lane opposite jnc High St, Doynton Live
Abson E5 Holbrook Lane jnc Naishcombe Hill Live
Abson E7 Oaktree Avenue Live
Abson E8 Abson Road S/O 47 Hawkridge Drive, Pucklechurch Live
Abson E9 Shortwood Road jnc Siston Lane, Pucklechurch Live
Almondsbury 1 Gloucester Road jnc Hortham Lane Live
Almondsbury 2 Hardy Lane, Tockington Live
Almondsbury 4 Church Road jnc Walnut Tree Close Live
Almondsbury 8 O/S 66 Over Lane/Easter Compton Live
Almondsbury 9 The Common jnc Gloucester Road Live
Almondsbury 11 Aztec West Live
Almondsbury 12 Aztec West Live
Almondsbury 15 Aztec West, Park Avenue (near roundabout) Live
Almondsbury 16 O/S Court Yard, Woodlands, Woodlands Lane Live
Almondsbury 19 New Leaze, Woodlands Lane Live
Almondsbury 22 Brook Way Live
Almondsbury 23 Bowsland Way/Ormonds Close Live
Almondsbury 24 Woodland/Trench Lane, O/S Bristol Distribution Park Live
Almondsbury 25 Park Avenue, Aztec West Live
Almondsbury 26 Hickory Lane Live
Almondsbury 27 O/S Tesco Petrol Station, Bradley Stoke Live
Almondsbury 28 Gloucester Road Live
Almondsbury 30 Bradley Stoke Way o/s Hilton Hotel, Almondsbury Live
Almondsbury 31 Savages Wood Road Live
Almondsbury 32 Brook Way Live
Almondsbury 34 Brook Way jnc Savages Wood Road Live
Almondsbury 35 Marjoram Place jnc Webbs Wood Road Live
Almondsbury 36 Brook Way opposite Aldi store jnc Patchbrook Island, Almondsbury Live
Almondsbury 37 Bradley Stoke Way jnc Spine Road Live
Almondsbury 38 Opposite Dewfalls Drive, Brook Way, Almondsbury Live
Almondsbury 39 Haw Lane, Olveston Live
Almondsbury 40 Over Lane, Almondsbury Live
Almondsbury E1 Florence Park jnc Gloucester Road Live
Almondsbury E4 Woodlands Lane / Ash Ridge Road Live
Badminton 1 Station Road jnc Old Down Road Live
Badminton 2 Acton Turville Road jnc Church Road Live
Badminton 4 O/S telephone exchange, Acton Turville Live
Bitton 8 Court Road O/S 56 Oldland Common Live
Bitton 12 Bitton telephone exchange, 12 Bath Road, Bitton Live
Bitton 13 California Road S’O 127A Longwell Green Live
Bitton 15 Brewery Hill S/O Upton House Upton Cheyney  Live
Bitton 17 Long Beach Road, Bitton Live
Chipping Sodbury 8 Station Road Live
Chipping Sodbury 21 Old Sodbury jnc Church Lane Live
Chipping Sodbury 23 North Road Industrial Estate, Yate Live
Chipping Sodbury 34 Entrance to Normandy Drive, Elswick Park, Off Kennedy Way Live
Chipping Sodbury 35  jnc Horton Road and King Lane opp Honeysuckle House, Horton Live
Chipping Sodbury 36 Laurence Drive Live
Chipping Sodbury 40 Opposite Apec Ltd, Quercus Court, Armstrong Way, Yate Live
Chipping Sodbury 41 Badminton Road jnc Culvert Avenue Live
Chipping Sodbury 45 Randolph Avenue jnc Broad Lane, Chipping Sodbury Live
Chipping Sodbury 48 Opp Telephone exchange, Ridgeway Live
Chipping Sodbury 50 Poole Court Drive, Chipping Sodbury Live
Didmarton E2 jnc Park Street and Back Street o/s The Granary Park St, Hawkesbury Upton Live
Downend 2 Bristol Road junction with Old Gloucestershire Rd o/s Frenchay hospital Live
Downend 8 Downend Road, Downend Live
Downend 11 Downend Road / Overnhill Road Live
Downend 18 S/O Old Shop, Frenchay Hill, Frenchay Live
Downend 34 High Street junction with Grace Road, Downend Live
Downend 37 Church Lane, Downend Live
Downend 51 Longmead Road opp UPS unit, Emerald Park East Ind Estate, Emerson Green Live
Falfield 1 Wotton Road, Charfield Live
Falfield 3 Rockhampton Green Live
Falfield 4 Charfield Road including Tortworth Road, Tortworth Live
Falfield 5 Nr Poplar Cottage, A38 Gloucester Road, Falfield Live
Falfield 6 Little Bristol Lane, Charfield Live
Falfield 8 Churchend Lane, Charfield Live
Falfield 11 Charfield Road jnc Tortworth Road Live
Filton 13 O/S No. 55 Charborough Road Live
Filton 14 Long Down Avenue jnc Long Mead Stoke Gifford Live
Filton 19 Station Road Live
Filton 23 O/S Unit 19, Concorde Rd jnc Britannia Rd Live
Filton 42 Bristol Business Park jnc Coldharbour Lane Live
Filton 46 Station Road Live
Filton 48 Webbs Wood Road, Bradley Stoke Live
Filton 49 Exchange grounds Gloucester Road, North Filton Live
Filton 50 Opp Filton Exchange, Gloucester Rd North Live
Filton 51 Baileys Court Road, Filton Live
Filton 52 The Worthys/Bradley Stoke Way, Bradley Stoke Live
Fishponds 6 Gorse Hill/Hillfields Avenue Live
Henbury 10 Hallen Road Live
Henbury 17 Opposite Magnet, Lysander Road jnc Merlin Rd, Almondsbury Live
Henbury 22 Opposite The Close Passage Rd, Almondsbury Live
Henbury 30 S/O PH Cribbs Causeway, Patchway, Bristol Live
Henbury 31 Opposite Magnet, Lysander Rd jnc Merlin Rd, Almondsbury Live
Kingswood 6 Opposite Maypole pub, lower Hanham Road junction High Street Live
Kingswood 19 Tower Road North, Warmley Live
Kingswood 47 Court Road, Kingswood Live
Kingswood 49 Woodward Drive, Barrs Court Live
Kingswood 50 Stephens Drive, Barrs Court Live
Kingswood 51 O/S 63 Tower Road, Kingswood Live
Kingswood 59 O/S No.2 Station Road Live
Kingswood 60 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood Live
Kingswood 62 Church Hall, Hanham Rd, Kingswood Live
Kingswood 63 High Street, Kingswood Live
Kingswood 64 Wraxhall Road, Kingswood Live
Kingswood 65 Craven Way, Barrs Court Live
Marshfield 1 (Back lane) Live
Marshfield 2 Chippenham Road Live
Marshfield 3  o/s  71 High Street, Marshfield Live
Marshfield 4  Side of the White Hart Pub,  Chippenham Rd, Marshfield Live
Pilning 1 Church Road, Severn Beach Live
Pilning 2 Marsh Common Road/Station Road, Swanmoor Live
Pilning 3 Albert Road Live
Pilning 4 Aust village, coast road Live
Pilning 5 jnc Church Road and Gorse Cover road Live
Pilning 8 Pilning surgery, Northwick Road, Pilning Live
Pilning 9 Redwick Road jnc Vicarage Road, Pilning Live
Pilning E1 O/S 30 Redwick Rd jcn Vicarage Road, Pilning Live
Rangeworthy 1 Manor Road Live
Rangeworthy 2 High Street Live
Rangeworthy 3 opp 187 North Road, Yate Live
Rangeworthy 4 Telephone exchange, Wooton Road, Iron Acton Live
Thornbury 11 69 Gloucester Road, Thornbury Live
Thornbury 13 St John’s Street Live
Thornbury 18 Opp Unit 9, Thornbury Office Park, Midland Way, BS35 2BS Live
Thornbury 21 Mumbley’s Lane/Kington Lane Live
Thornbury 22 Chapel Road jnc The Naite, opposite Victoria Cottage Live
Thornbury 26 St John Street, Thornbury Live
Thornbury E6 Chapel St jnc High St Live
Wickwar 1 High Street jnc Station Road, Wickwar Live
Wickwar 2 Osbourne House, Cowship Lane, Cromhall Live
Wickwar 3 Opposite Telephone Exchange, High Street, Wickwar Live
Winterbourne E2 Junction Friary Grange Park and Nicholls Lane Live
Winterbourne 21 Outside exchange, Nicholls Lane, Winterbourne Live
Wotton Under Edge 10 New Street and jnc of foot and cyclepath Longs View, Wotton Under Edge, Charfield Live

The rollout of fibre broadband across South Gloucestershire is a fluid programme. Plans are subject to change, and depend on the progress and cost of the deployment.

To check which cabinet you are connected to, you can use the BT line checker.

If you are connected to a live cabinet, you can use the Openreach checker to see what broadband packages are available to you.

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