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Construction suppliers (Exor)


Exor provides a national register of pre-qualified contractors. By completing Exor’s pre-qualification process, contractors reduce the need to fill in pre-qualification questionnaires for every tender and become visible not only to South Gloucestershire Council but to other Exor clients across the country.

Once construction suppliers are accredited with Exor they should request via Exor or South Gloucestershire Council to be published on the South Gloucestershire Council Exor list.

Any contractors, consultants, suppliers who have been published with any other South West regional COPROP (local authority networking group) authority on Exor should have already been added to the South Gloucestershire Council Exor list and will therefore be available for selection.

However, suppliers who were published with a COPROP authority after the beginning of March 2013 may still need to request to be published on the South Gloucestershire Council Exor list and we would suggest that you check your status.

Suppliers who are currently published with Exor for any other area of the country can also request to be published on the South Gloucestershire Council Exor list.

If suppliers are not published on the South Gloucestershire Council Exor list they will not be able to tender.

Suspended or terminated suppliers will not be eligible to tender.

South Gloucestershire Council Property Services selection process

The type of work, location and value of the project will be used to select contractors to invite to tender.

Half of the tender list will be selected on a rotation basis and half will be selected based on our previous experience/knowledge of those contractors, consultants or suppliers.

Construction suppliers who have been selected from the top of the list on a rotation basis will need to provide certain information before final selection for tender eg relevant experience.

Construction suppliers that are selected based on our experience/knowledge will not need to provide this information.

Construction suppliers’ performance will be monitored using a simple KPI process, results of which will be added to the SGC Exor system. Exact details of this KPI scoring process will be published in due course.

Higher value contracts/appointments

For construction contracts above £2m but below the EU tendering threshold – currently at £172,514 for goods and certain services and £4,332,012 for public works contracts, we will use a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire process to select tender lists for construction suppliers, refer to Council Tendering Guidance – Pre-Qualification section.

Other frameworks

The council may at its discretion use the CFSW (Construction Framework South West) framework for works contracts over £2million.

The council may at its discretion use CCS (Crown Commercial Services) or other frameworks for appointment of consultants for service appointments.

Lower value contracts/appointments

The council may at its discretion procure lower value works contracts/service appointments through the Exor system should it be considered advantageous.

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