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Council and democracy

Council Offices

We believe it is important that local people are involved in the decision-making processes and how local services are delivered.

This section provides information about how the council is run, what our priorities are and how you can get involved - from electing your local councillors, to voicing your concerns about local issues and telling us how you think we can improve council services.


Information about how to use our website.

Community governance reviews

A community governance review gives the council the opportunity to review and make changes to commun ...


We are committed to respond to customer feedback including complaints positively and to provide a hi ...


We carry out various consultations petitions and surveys throughout the year.

Contact us

There are a number of ways you can contact us to get advice request a service or to provide feedback ...

Council budgets and spending

We are required by law and best accounting practices to publish certain financial information about ...

Council departments

The council workforce is divided into three directorates each of which cover a number of functional ...

Council news

South Gloucestershire News is the councils magazine for residents. Its published four times a year a ...

Councillors, democracy and elections

South Gloucestershire Council consists of 70 councillors. Elections are held every four years.

Customer services

Customer service is very important to us and we aim to deliver high quality services to everyone.

Data protection and freedom of information

We need to process many types of information in order to provide public services efficiently. Laws a ...

Equality and diversity

We want to make sure that all the people in South Gloucestershire have equal access to education emp ...

Information and statistics

Information about South Gloucestershire including population and geography


Job vacancies and information on applying for a job in South Gloucestershire

Localism in South Gloucestershire

The Localism Act takes power from central government and hands it back to local authorities and comm ...


Information and resources about how the council is performing.

Quality of life

Quality of life indicators aim to measure those things that make an area a good place to live.  They ...


The regeneration team is responsible for guiding the improvement of key sites and areas of South Glo ...

Strategic partnerships

We are committed to working with partners in many different areas at both a local and a West of Engl ...


Sustainability is about improving the quality of our lives through improved economic prospects havin ...

Unitary authorities

A unitary authority is a type of local authority that has a single tier and is responsible for all l ...

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