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Street care and cleaning

A road sweeping machine

We are responsible for the removal of litter from highways, removal of fly-tipped waste, emptying of litter and dog waste bins and many more services.

Street cleansing services include: removal of litter from highways, mechanical sweeping of road channels, removal of fly-tipped waste, removal of syringes and other drug-related litter, removal of dead animals from the highway, provision and emptying of litter and dog waste bins, gully cleansing, weed control on highways, cleansing of council-managed public conveniences. The council is NOT responsible for: litter on private land, litter on tenants' properties (such as council house gardens), litter on common land which the council does not maintain. However, if the problem poses a serious risk it can be referred to the environmental protection department, which may take action. 

You can now request further information or report problems with rubbish, waste and recycling using our online forms.

Dog fouling and bins

If you walk a dog even one belonging to someone else you are responsible for clearing up after it.


From 1 October 2011 Wessex Water became responsible for the ownership and maintenance of private sew ...

Fly posting

We will remove posters that have been stuck up without permission on council maintained buildings an ...

Fly tipping

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It can be dangerous pollutes land and waterways and cos ...


It is council policy to clean graffiti from council-owned property within three working days.

Grounds maintenance - grass

We look after approximately 5000 hectares of land across our area including schools playing fields a ...

Online forms - street care and cleaning

You can now request further information or report problems with street care and cleaning using our o ...

Public toilets

Most public toilets in South Gloucestershire are managed by the council. They are cleaned and checke ...

Road sweeping

Road-sweeping vehicles sweep the road channels gutters of most kerbed roads on a cyclical basis. Thi ...

Septic tanks

A septic tank stores sewage sludge for long enough and in the right conditions for it to partially b ...

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