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Parks and open spaces

A young child in a park

We manage and maintain a large number of open spaces including parks, playing fields, sports pitches, community farms and allotments.

We also design and manage landscaping projects in open spaces across South Gloucestershire including tree planting, flower beds and roundabout planting.

Hiring our parks and other public open space

Anyone can ask to hire a park or public open space for an event but there is a process that you must complete before we can approve your application. Please contact us with details of your event and we will send you further information.

We also hire public open space for filming. For further information on individual sites please search the South Gloucestershire online Film Location Library. This library includes information on privately owned sites as well as sites managed by the council.

Wedding photography is allowed in our parks but you should seek our permission at least one month before your wedding day. Depending on the access you need, we may make a small charge. Please contact us for further information.

Motorcycles on public open space

It is illegal to ride motorcycles and mini-motorbikes on any land without the land owner’s permission. For safety reasons, we do not allow these to be used on any areas of our public open space, including the Road to Nowhere in Yate. If any motorbike riding is reported to us, we will contact the police. The police have already targeted the illegal use of motorbikes and mini-bikes in this area and have confiscated several vehicles.


Allotments are plots of land made available for individual non-commercial gardening.

BMX and skate parks

Where to safely enjoy BMX and skateboarding in South Gloucestershire.

Commons and greens

The 2006 Commons Act requires that as a commons registration authority.

List of friends groups and conservation groups

This page lists some of the friends groups and conservation groups that work in partnership with us ...

Page Park

The Park was given to the inhabitants of Staple Hill in 1910 by Alderman Arthur William Page possibl ...

Parks and play areas

Parks and play areas within South Gloucestershire.

Travellers and Gypsies

There are two authorised traveller sites within South Gloucestershire. The council is responsible fo ...


We are responsible for maintaining trees on public open spaces and the verges of many roads and cons ...

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